Axminster Carpet
Carpet surface smooth, plump, luxurious style, rich colors and beautiful patterns, and international commercial carpet standards; with excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort and durability; special knitting process to form the carpet blanket stability, no distortion, easy to splice.

Wilton Carpet
Semi combed spinning, weaving high density, good fastness head down, appearance retention, a clear pattern decorative capacity. Carpet surface rich, smooth, clear and full grain, color harmony, warm elegance, comfort, sound insulation and thermal performance superb.

Tufted Carpet
Patterns varied, popular feeling, elegant color, color harmony, variety, velvet head fullness. Has Asia's largest production base of tufted carpet, tufted carpet is the trend reader.

Printing Carpet
Printing Carpet with the world's most advanced 16-color electronic printing technology, carpet layers rich, colorful, production flexibility, timely delivery, to satisfy customer demand for personalized designs. Carpet face down head to elbow yarn, cut pile, loop-based, nylon yarn weaving, have good elasticity, color fastness, mildew, anti-insect and so on.

Tile Carpet
Block carpet with the easy transportation of pavement characteristics of convenience, set beautiful, practical and flexible in one, providing customers with a large creative space. With fire retardant, durable, antistatic, good flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection good quality and excellent dimentional stability and appearance retention. In addition, block carpet used in all printing processes, colorful, innovative designs.

Handmade Carpet
The elegance and luxury of handmade, Beautiful any size Handmade Carpets for the Interior Designer or any Individual requiring an Individually Designed Contemporary Decors.

Shaggy Carpet
A shag is a rug or carpet that has a deep pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. People like walking on it because it so soft and bouncy.

Home Rugs
Combine unique textures and fine materials to create rugs that are as durable as they are beautiful. There are styles, colors and construction to accentuate any decor.

Natural Fiber Carpet / Rugs
Sisal area rugs, Sisal Wool rugs, Seagrass rugs, Hemp Grass (Mountain Grass) rugs, Jute rugs and Sisal-like Indoor Outdoor rugs bring natural beauty, texture and design to your home or business.

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