Ivory Beige Limestone

Giallo Crema Limestone

Sandy Cream

Spotty Gold (acid washed)

Spotty Gold (tumbled)

Vecinza - Golden Yellow

Vecinza - Silver Grey

V-12 Light

V-12 Yellow

Guizhou Cream Limestone

Shanxi Yellow

Henan Gold

Mianhu Limestone

Tiger Skin Red

Tiger Skin yellow

Blue Limestone

Black Jade

1) Tiles Size available: 






Thickness: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm. 

2) Slab size available: 

A)2,800 X 1,400 X 20-30 mm 

B)2,400 X 1,200 X 20-30 mm 

C)2,000 X 800 X 20-30 mm 

D)2,000 X 800 X 20-30 mm 

E)1,800 X 600 X 20-30 mm 

Note: The size, thickness and finish can be decided by customer's design. 

3) Stone Surface Finish. 


Stone product surface can be finished by different ways according to different application, such as natural, split, sawn, polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered, pineappled, chiselled, etc. 

4) Custom Order

Cut-to-size or Customized as per customer requirement.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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